Rainey Law is regularly instructed by clients with significant issues regarding relationship property from married, de facto and civil union couplings. Examples of areas where we can assist are:

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements at the beginning of and during relationships to reflect clients’ wishes, whether they be for the structure of certain assets, to preserve separate property, to define relationship property or to provide for children from prior relationships.
  • Advising clients of their rights and options upon the breakdown of relationships including their property entitlements where held in companies or trusts or foreign property investments, and consideration as to whether spousal maintenance or child support may apply.
  • Representing clients in relationship property disputes. The issues in dispute may involve complex financial structures, businesses of all kinds, real estate, shares and forms of deferred compensation, professional practices and feature high income, high net worth individuals.
  • Bringing or defending claims under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976, the Family Proceedings Act 1980 and related legal principles.

We are increasingly instructed on issues concerning family trusts and commercial trusts following an explosion in the last 30 years or so of trusts formed as individuals have sought to structure their affairs for a variety of reasons. Rainey Law can constructively assist parties with their trust issues and queries, whether they are beneficiaries or trustees.

We offer advice on the appointment and removal of trustees and identifying the ownership of specific assets. Our lawyers can act for you in cases where breaches of trust, trustee duties or fiduciary duties are in issue.

Our team of lawyers have established relationships forged over many years with a number of leading barristers, forensic accountants, pension and business valuation experts who we are able to team up with to prepare and present a client’s case.

We are well known for our expertise both in and out of the courtroom, and particularly for our skill at amicably resolving highly contentious matters.