Insurance related issues can be complicated and difficult to understand. We are here
to help.

The Rainey Law team has in depth experience of working for New Zealand, Australian and London-based insurers, as well as providing advice to brokers and insured parties on all aspects on insurance law spanning a wide range of policies. For example, public liability, professional indemnity, product liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, fire and general insurance, life and disability cover.

Policy issues are a core component of insurance law where decent advice can make a key difference. Our lawyers are knowledgable and skilled at providing advice to insurance brokers and their clients on policy response decisions made by insurers. We can critically review decisions by insurers to decline indemnity for claims and provide clients with a second opinion on those decisions.

We recognise that insurers do not always make timely or correct decisions in response to a claim. It is important for businesses and individuals who have been disappointed or disadvantaged by their insurers’ response to a claim to have access to high quality advice, should they wish to challenge that decision. At Rainey Law, we are happy to apply our experience in insurance law and insurance based litigation to provide that advice and, if necessary, to represent clients in any dispute with their insurers.