Insolvency, receiverships, and corporate collapses of any kind give rise to a host of legal issues that need to be managed and resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. The reaction time of clients in such circumstances directly impacts upon the outcome of their matters. For creditors this could mean the difference between a substantial recovery or none at all.

Our team is well equipped to provide advice on all aspects of insolvency law, including corporate rescue, debt restructure, securitisation, forensic investigations, debt recovery and general insolvency litigation. We provide advice for individuals and corporations on the often contentious issues that arise in this complex area. We are experienced at acting for creditors, debtors, receivers or liquidators, directors, lenders and borrowers in these situations.

Insolvencies and liquidations often lead to litigation. The type of litigation that flows when businesses fail or people are declared bankrupt is often unique and requires particular skills and knowlege of insolvency law. Our team has extensive experience in this area of the law and has sucessfully brought claims for the recovery of assets in various jurisdictions.