Our lawyers know a lot about the law relating to construction and how best to handle construction disputes. Their expertise includes the following:

  • Drafting contracts for construction work generally and for remedial work to defective buildings
  • Offering sensible advice on the tricky issues that can sometimes arise in the course of construction work, our aim being to resolve those issues for clients fast before they develop into a full-blown dispute.
  • Providing strategic advice and representation for parties to construction disputes where needed, especially at mediations, arbitrations, adjudications and court hearings.
  • Representing and advising clients facing Construction Contracts Act issues such as payment claims, payment schedules, disputes over variation claims and adjudication proceedings under the Act.
  • Dealing with the enforcement of awards and judgments for and against affected parties.

As with the rest of Rainey Law’s practice, our focus is on taking a proactive approach to best assist our clients to avoid unnecessary costs where possible. If conflict becomes unavoidable, we ensure that the most beneficial outcome is obtained as quickly and economically as possible.

We understand that clients are in the construction industry not the dispute industry and that life must go on after a dispute arises, so our priority is to enable clients to get back to concentrating on what they do best.

If you are struggling with a construction issue or building dispute, we recommend you contact us immediately. There are tight timeframes that may apply, so delaying seeking advice could seriously disadvantage your position.